@lestwinsvideos voice are so sexy in french I wish I knew what they said but don’t care just enjoyed the pretty😍😍😍


The time I got to dance “with” Larry at the Boston Workshop 2014  

Samedi dans SLT, battle 2.0 pour les Twins!


I think they’re ready to appear in movies—they’ve got the MGM movie opening theme music down pat.  Any French-English speakers out there?  Please translate for us English speakers.  Thank you.

That dance that Laurent does on the counter-top reminds me of George Jefferson’s (fictional lead character from the t.v. show “The Jeffersons”) dance here.  Side note:  the woman he’s dancing with is Roxie Roker; she’s Lenny Kravitz’s mother.


attracted to men sexually, repelled by men emotionally

What happened to the up arrow on the top right, that appears when you’ve scrolled into the depths of tumblr?



I see mine


The worst part about me being who I am is that someone could be perfect in every other aspect and I will notice the smallest shit about them that turns me off. 

Like why can’t I just unsee it, God??????

Because we find imperfections in our selves so we seem to look for it in others also…. I can relate to this 


Zularel girl, I got you!

Lau popped that shit hard

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